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Description of program pages in Healy

Gold Cycle ("Click here" to read the detailed article on Gold Cycle)

The programs within Nuno Nina’s Gold Cycle are valuable all-rounders, providing support and prevention, recovery from negative influences, optimal energy balance, well-being, and relaxation.

  • Pure: The Pure program is the ideal starting point for anyone using Healy for the first time. It is designed to help the energy field of each cell recover from the bioenergetic effect of environmental pollutants, toxins, an unhealthy diet, and other negative factors. The Pure program increases each cell's ability to communicate and share frequency information between cells.

  • Care: A weakened bioenergetic field is often associated with many acute and chronic diseases. Strengthening your energy field through appropriate exercise, healthy nutrition, and pure water and restoring your bioenergetic balance are ways to care for your inner and outer health and in doing so, prevent a multitude of bioenergetic disorders. This program also strengthens your immune system.

  • Balance: The fine balance of the various bodily functions is very important for our well-being and health. Balance refers to the bioenergetic balance of the kidneys, circulation, lymphatic system, and hormones. It is an ideal program for a deep bioenergetic balancing of the body‘s overall energy field.

  • Being: What the program Balance is for the body, Being - is for our soul. It should help you regain emotional balance and remain centered during life’s turmoil.

  • Energy: Performance needs support. No matter whether you are a well-trained competitive athlete, a stressed-out manager, or a busy mother, Energy supports your ability to bio energetically respond to life’s demands.

  • Relax: Relax stands for a relaxing anti-stress effect. Stress is often the cause and result of imbalances in the mind and body which can undermine your health and wellbeing and in some cases be the cause of some diseases. Modern life keeps many of us in a state of tension and the Relax program is designed to help you let go of daily sorrow and stress and restore your sense of balance.

  • Release: There are many different causes of pain – disease, illness, injury, environmental toxins, and even emotional trauma. Everyday stressors have more of an impact on the body than many people realize. Once stressors are identified, the brain begins to put the body into a state of fight or flight, causing real, physical effects in the body. Over time, the brain and central nervous system learn to continue to put the body into a chronic painful state, which repeats the pain cycle. As an alternative or in addition to the classic pain applications in Healy you can use this Gold Cycle Release program. In this program, balancing frequencies are delivered systemically in the bioenergetic field of the body - no matter where the pain is in the body- to release the pain at its source.

Local Stimulation

Even the slightest pain, if you must endure it long enough, can make everyday life unbearable. This program is designed to help you get by on as little medication as possible.

  • Chronic Pain: Treatment of chronic pain via the CNS (central nervous system).

  • Chronic Back pain: Local treatment of chronic back pain.

  • Tooth-Jaw local: Local supportive treatment of pain in the mouth area.

  • Joints local: Local treatment of joint pain.

  • Migraine: Cranial (head side) treatment of headache and migraine.

  • Insomnia: Supportive treatment of sleep challenges via the CNS.

  • Depression: Supportive treatment of depression and deep negative thought patterns and processes via the CNS.



Whether at school or learning online: This helps you absorb knowledge faster and easier.

  • Learning Syst - Bioenergetic activation of the CNS of the ability to learn and retain learning. This program is used where the person has been challenged for a long period of time and finds the ability to learn and retain information to be a core issue. Learning acute - Supports focus and retention through cranial stimulation.

  • Memory - Energetic stimulation of the brain metabolism and support knowledge retention - This refers to the way that the brain circulates glucose and oxygen supplies to the neurons / nerve cells, that carry valuable information creating important “neural nets” where information can be stored and then later retrieved.

  • Concentration syst - Bioenergetic optimization of the oxygen supply. This ultimately assist with higher states of concentration. This program focuses on frequencies that work at the systemic level.

  • Concentration acute - Bioenergetic support via cranial stimulation for focus, acute states of concentration and the ability to ignore distraction.

  • Exam syst – Relaxation support before exams through cranial stimulation. These frequencies focus on systemic energy balance that support calm mental states for exams.

  • Exam acute - Energetic balancing of acute mental disharmony and anxiety before exams.

  • Stress syst - Mental balancing and bioenergetic stimulation of creative power. This program addresses deep rooted stress states around learning.

  • Stress acute - Supports mood improvement via cranial stimulation in times of acute stress. This program delivers frequencies that support a relaxed state of learning.


Bring out your top performance, or simply stay healthy and fit: here are the programs to support you.

  • Weight- Bioenergetic stimulation of the waste removal systems in the body.

  • Muscle - Bioenergetic optimization of cell recovery and regeneration. These frequencies help restore and repair muscle tissue.

  • Circulation - Bioenergetic support of the circulatory demands of exercise and metabolic supply.

  • Performance - Energetic activation of the life force energy ‘Chi’ to support states of athletic performance.

  • Strength - Bioenergetic activation of the musculoskeletal system for strength.

  • Stamina - Bioenergetic optimization of the cardiovascular system and capacity for endurance during physical activity.

  • Regeneration - Bioenergetic stimulation of vitality. These frequencies support the body to rebuild, repair and restore after physical exertion.

  • Deep relaxation - Bioenergetic optimization of the relaxation phase. Frequencies for deep states of relaxation while the body rests, so that it can reset and restore.

Sleep / Job

Only those who sleep well can be rested, healthy and able to perform work all day long.

  • Sleep Sleep syst – Frequencies to assist the bioenergetic field to optimize for shifting into the delta state of deep sleep.

  • Bed rest - Bioenergetic promotion of parasympathetic functions (recovery, relaxation) that involves the parasympathetic nervous system. Where the sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for intense physical activities, (it is involved in fight or flight). the Parasympathetic does the opposite. It helps to slow the heart, conserve energy, increase intestinal activity to help the body digest foods and to rest.

  • Balanced Sleep - Bioenergetic balancing of the deep sleep phase.

  • Fine flow - Bioenergetic activation through ionic movement in the body. Ions are charged particles that send electrical signals through the body. Ionic charges in the extracellular fluid are strong controllers of the body’s ability to move into sleep. The fine flow frequencies support the movements of charged particles through the body which in turn helps to regulate neuronal communication, neurotransmitter and hormone release that support healthy sleep states.

  • Job Activation - Bioenergetic stimulation of mental clarity when wanting to perform at the top of your game. Positive thoughts - Energetic orientation towards positive thoughts.

  • Balance Nerves - Bioenergetic promotion of the beta state. It is said that beta waves are our normal waking state of consciousness. When we focus on mind and memory, cognitive tasks, and the outside world we are in Beta states. Beta gives us the alert, attentive thought process. It is involved in problem solving, judgment, decision making and mental activities.

  • Fatigue - These frequencies energetically support the reduction of stressors that cause strain, stress, and ultimately fatigue.

  • Exhaustion syst - Bioenergetic balancing of the adrenal hormones. These frequencies can help the body’s endocrine system in relation to chronic and acute adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. This program is for systemic issues.

  • Exhaustion acute - Supports stress resistance via cranial stimulation to help energetically balance acute exhaustion.

  • Extreme Stress - Bioenergetic support of mental and physical balance in times of extreme stress.

Beauty / Skin

The skin is your protection and your largest organ. Beauty comes from within. The Healy Beauty programs are designed to bring out your beauty.

  • Inner Beauty - Supporting the coherence and emanation of the energetic field. These frequencies allow one to tune into and support a much deeper and meaningful beauty that comes from within and radiates outward into the world. Supports things like compassion, a pure heart and deep compassionate caring.

  • Aging - Bioenergetic support of the cell organelles. - Just as our bodies have organs, our cells also have organs. These tiny organs are called organelles. They are the inner machinery of the cell and help the body build new proteins important for life and the process of renewal.

  • Hair - Bioenergetic stimulation of the hair follicles.

  • Nails - Bioenergetic stimulation of the nail bed.

  • Skin - Bioenergetic fostering of the epidermis.

  • Skin elasticity - Bioenergetic support for the promotion of collegian, elastin, and connective tissues and support for the lymphatic system just beneath the skin.

  • Support Skin local - Bioenergetic frequencies that supports wounds at the cellular level. This program is for systemic issues.

  • Support Skin syst - Bioenergetic stimulation of the cell metabolism where there are specific enzymes involved in wound healing.

  • Skin Impurities syst - Bioenergetic promotion of toxin transport.

  • Scars syst - Balancing energetic interference fields in scars. Scar tissue is composed of collagen however the fibres are different to normal tissue. They are fibrous and grow over the site of the injury. The body produces tissue that can grow out of control causing pain and lack of movement. The scar tissues can be deep within the body or closer to the surface of the skin. These frequencies offer energetic support on a systemic level.

  • Scars local - Local stimulation of scar tissue.

Mental Balance

Face your life balanced and full of confidence. These programs support you.

  • Inner Strength syst - Energetic promotion of self-confidence when you feel uncertain, insecure, or anxious.

  • Emotional Well-being - Energetic balancing when you feel emotionally blocked.

  • Feel good syst - Energetic activation of confidence in cases of low self-esteem, dejection or when you are feeling down.

  • Contentment syst - Energetic balancing frequencies to support a positive sense of wellbeing to help avoid addictive and compensatory behavior.

  • Contentment acute - Supports inner balance via cranial stimulation in cases of nicotine dependence. These frequencies promote inner contentment and feelings of safety and support in acute states of addiction.

  • Inner Unity - Energetic restoration of the sense of psychic wholeness and awareness.

  • Well-being Soul - Energetic balancing of compulsive or obsessive behaviour. These frequencies help move awareness away from obsession towards finding harmony and fulfilment from within.

  • Mental balance acute - Supports mental balance and positive thinking via cranial stimulation.

Meridians 1

The Meridians are like energetic highways in the body and are used in acupuncture. The Yin meridians help to calm and relax and the Yang meridians; stimulate.

  • Allergy Meridian - Energetic desensitization of the energy flow.

  • Connective Tissue - Energy regulation of the connective tissue.

  • Bladder - Regulation of bladder energy control.

  • Large intestine - Harmonizing the energy field of the large intestine.

  • Small intestine - Harmonizing the energy control of the small intestine.

  • Fatty degeneration - Energetic regulation of cell uptake; meaning the process of lipid (fat) metabolism and processing within the cell. (Breaking down and burning storage of fat for fuel)

  • Gallbladder - Energetic balancing to support digestion and regulation of the digestion of fat.

  • Joints - Energetic support of connective/joint tissue and balancing of flexibility.

  • Skin - Energetic promotion of the energy pathways of the skin.

  • Heart - Energetic stimulation of the heart energy.

Meridians 2

Stimulating the flow of life energy that connects everything

  • Hormonal balance - Energetic support for balanced hormones.

  • Circulation - Energetic support for blood circulation. The circulatory system is an important highway that transfers oxygen-rich blood and other nutrients that are important for health as well as playing a role in blood pressure.

  • Liver - Energetic metabolism regulation.

  • Lungs - Energetic balancing of the respiratory system.

  • Lymphatic system - Energetic regulation of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the transport of toxins and helps to rid the body of unwanted materials. It also helps to fight infection.

  • Stomach - Energetic harmonization of the gastric function. The stomach is the first step in breaking down food into usable nutrients to be sent to the bloodstream.

  • Spleen-Pancreas - Stimulation of the energy field of the spleen and pancreas.

  • Nerve Meridian - Energetic harmonization of the nerve function.

  • Kidney – Energetic support for the body’s ability to maintain fluid balance.

  • Organ Meridian - Harmonizing the energy flow (“chi”) between the organs. Each organ has a specific job to carry out in each of the body systems. Frequencies help to establish cohesive and supportive energy that resonates with the organs.

Bioenergetic Balance 1

All-round Health with the “Digital-first aid kit”

  • Immune system - Activation of the body’s bioenergetic defense system.

  • Chilling - Bioenergetic calming of the mucous membranes.

  • Hypersensitivities - Bioenergetic balancing of allergic reactions.

  • Eyes - Energetic balancing of the retina and support for the eyes.

  • Hormones - Bioenergetic support for the body’s chemical messengers and the release of hormones.

  • Intestine - Bioenergetic stimulation of the intestinal peristalsis. This means bioenergetic stimulation to the muscles that carry out involuntary movements in the transferring of food through the digestive tract.

  • Nerves - Bioenergetic regulation of the nervous system and harmonization to promote relaxation. The nerve cells and neurons carry information throughout the body. They can send long-range cellular communication which is very important to overall health.

  • Flexibility - Bioenergetic mobilization of the joints, tendons, and ligaments that work to move the body and support flexibility.

  • Circulatory System - Bioenergetic stimulation of the body’s energy supply. The circulatory system is an important highway that transfers oxygen-rich blood and other nutrients that are important for health.

  • Potency - Bioenergetic stimulation and balancing of the reproductive organs.

  • Menopause - Bioenergetic regulation of hormonal balance.

  • Menstruation local – Local relaxation of the lower abdomen.

Bioenergetic Balance 2

The second part of All-round Health with the “Digital first-aid kit”

  • Gastrointestinal - Energetic balancing of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Bacteria - Balancing of the bioenergetic defense system. We are a symbiotic organism and have bacteria and other microbes that can work both for us and against us.

  • Tonsils - Energetically balancing the immune system in cases of infections.

  • Liver function - Bioenergetic promotion of liver metabolism. The liver is a filtering organ. Processing of foods as well as toxins through and then out of the system.

  • Food Sensitivities - Bioenergetic support for food tolerance. Energetic support helps the body repair from food upsets, disturbances, and intolerances.

  • Toxins - Bioenergetic stimulation of the body’s excretory processes in the removal of toxins and toxic debris from the body and the energetic field.

  • Head - Bioenergetic reduction of tensions and imbalances with the head.

  • Prostate - Energetic support of a healthy prostate gland.

  • Lung function - Bioenergetic optimization of the lung function.

  • Thyroid gland - Bioenergetic regulation of the thyroid function.

  • Joints-Bones - Bioenergetically stimulating the excretion of metabolites to help the body’s ability to heal damage from injuries and stresses. Energetic frequencies in the repair of important bone cells and cartilage related to arthritic processes.

  • Sciatica local - Local stimulation of the sciatic nerve area to reduce tension and pain.



Strengthen your seven ethereal energy centers

  • Crown chakra – ‘I am spirit’. Energetic harmonization of the topics of the crown chakra and connection to the higher Self. The physical connecting and bringing in energy and information from the higher dimensions.

  • Third eye chakra – ‘I am awareness’. Energetic harmonization of the topics of the third eye chakra and strengthening of intuition. Supporting psychic vision and the ability to see through illusion.

  • Throat chakra – ‘I am communication’. Energetic harmonization of the topics of the throat chakra and promotion of constructive communication.

  • Heart chakra – ‘I am love and healing’. Energetic harmonization of the heart chakra and associated traits of this chakra. Energetic stimulation and balancing of the heart and empathy, love, compassion. Supports leading one’s life connected to the energy of the heart.

  • Solar plexus chakra – ‘I am power and wisdom’. Energetic harmonization of the solar plexus chakra and the traits associated with this energy center. Energetic support of self-confidence, inner strength, and personal power.

  • Sacral chakra – ‘I am creativity and sexuality. Energetic harmonization of the sacral chakra and the traits associated with this energy center. Energetic stimulation of creativity and balanced sexuality.

  • Root chakra – ‘I am grounded in trust and feel safe in my life’. Energetic harmonization of the root chakra and the traits associated with this energy centre. Energetic activation of basic trust to feel safe on the earth in one’s life.

Here is an article that you may like to read for deeper insight on the Chakras. "Click Here"

Bio-energetic Defense

Providing protection against harmful environmental influences, wherever they may come from.

  • General protection - Energetic shielding. A blanket energetic field of protection.

  • Electro-sensitivity - Energetic balancing of the tolerance for so-called “electrosmog”. Energetic support from EMF and other potential influences from phones, TVs, computers, electronics, and radiation.

  • Cell - Bioenergetic strengthening of the cell.

  • Mental - Energetic promotion of clear perceptual capacity. Supporting the mental pathways from disharmonic influences and promoting a clearer mental process.

  • Sleeping - Energetic protection during sleep.

  • Geopathy – Energetic reduction of sensitivity to interference fields, such as electromagnetics and interferences from earth activities or energy shifts. (Geopathic stress is the study of earth energies and their effect on human wellbeing).

  • Subtle - Energetic protection against external influence that can affect the energy fields.

  • Planets - Harmonizing the influences of planets.


The Power of Three -

Experience the Bioenergetic Rebalance Now- For the collective Change in Challenging Times!

We are living in times of individual and collective energetic traumatization and polarization on many levels, its causes and consequences touching the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our human nature. The controversies and consequences of global events have created a need for bioenergetic and subtle harmonization and balancing. It is based on the ancient system of three natural energetic forces, as expressed in the bioenergies of Ayurveda. 

The Power of three programs is designed for a special 9-week application protocol. They only need to be applied once a day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, in addition to any other Healy programs you are currently using.

BioEnergetic Rebalance 

[For use in especially difficult energetic times!]

  • Conflict Balance

  • Defense Support

  • Friendly Flora

Universal Frequencies:
[The Classical Frequencies as developed by the great frequency pioneers, complemented and enhanced by Healy IMF frequencies!

  • Classical Physical

  • Classical Energetic

  • Zapper Protocol

Digital Ayurveda:
[The soothing power and ancient wisdom of digital Ayurveda, Mix and match or choose one or two according to your personal Ayurvedic type!

  • Kapha

  • Pitta

  • Vata

Therapist Programs

The Therapist Programs category offers space for 12 programs individually created for you by your therapist. Your therapist transfers them to your Healy from a cloud database regardless of your location. The Medical Cloud enables secure data transfer between Healy and the TimeWaver Frequency system through the Therapist TAN procedure. TAN function - lets your therapist transfer individual programs from his or her TimeWaver Frequency system to your Healy or it also allows them to delete already transferred programs.


Healy Frequencies Device Notice and Disclaimer Healy is an approved class 2 microcurrent medical device in Europe and in the United States it has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is used clinically for the treatment of chronic and acute pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, symptomatic relief, and management of chronic pain associated with arthritis, skeletal pain, and muscle soreness due to overexertion. It is also a supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and related sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.
Healy also has non-medical applications that use individualized frequencies to help balance your mind and body and relieve stress. No claims are made that Healy frequency programs can diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any physical, mental, or emotional disease or condition. Consult a healthcare professional before using Healy programs. Always use your Healy in accordance with its instructions for use.

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