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Quantum Analyzed Frequencies

All matter consists of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Therefore, Healy technology is based on my belief that electromagnetic fields vibrating at Quantum Analyzed Frequencies can provide the body with the information and energy it needs to harmonize its own energetic self-organization and self-repair. These specific frequencies can take the Bio-Energetic field of the body to a state of higher order, manifesting itself in holistic health, well-being and vitality.

Marcus Schmieke, Healy, and Timewaver inventor and co-founder.

MagHealy- The Power of Four

mag healy apps.png
  • The first application is called "Classic" and offers you the proven classics of magnetic field application.

  • The second application "Atmosphere" emits Quantum Analyzed Frequencies (QAF) for the harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field through an expanded magnetic field into the surrounding space.

  • The third application is used to inform, energize and activate drinking water.

  • The fourth application is based on the 25 years of experience of the American frequency expert Carolyn McMakin. The first frequency of each frequency pair defines the nature of the application (e.g. vitalization, regeneration), and the second frequency controls the target to be addressed in the Bioenergetic Field.

MagHealy- The Programs

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