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  • What is the difference between Independent Healy World Member (IHWM) and a customer?
    An IHWM can do the busness where as customer is an enduser.
  • How can I access my Healy Backend and Dashboard?
    Your Healy Shop/ Dashboard is available at and your Backend for Healy Business and other tools is available at For Login you can use user user name or Mail ID as ID and password you have received in your mail box.
  • How to submit KYC Documents?
    Step 1 login to using your ID and Password. Step 2 Goto "Support centre" then "Submit a new case" then choose topic "Account" and then "KYC Document submission".
  • How can I enrol someone in my Sales Group (Team)?
    Login at Goto My Tools -> My Links Copy the relavant Link and share the Link to your propect. Once your Prospect has registered your your affiliate link now to to My Business -> Unplaced Partner and place him either in your Left or on Right. Any new member should be added to your that side which have lesser Point Value.
  • From where can I download Flyers, Brouchures, etc?"
    Login at Goto My Tools -> My Downloads Here is now your download center Choose the Country/ market for which you want to download the creative. Since you are a previledged member of Heaing4World you can get 15 to 20 new creatives per month for your social handles. Mail to for any such requirement.
  • How can I learn to grow my Healy Business and How can I convert my new Healy Prospects?
    Keep checking your registered mail id, you will be getting regular mails on various webinars by Healy World and also all the useful updates from Healy World time to time. You can also access "Academy" at your backend under "My Tools". Follow the Facebook pages of Healy World where they keep on sharing alot of usefull stuff. At Healing4World we keep on conducting various webinars on the uses of Healy, on the Business development and also for the new prospects where we tell them everything about Healy and answer there querries. You get details of these webinars on our WhatsApp groups. Mail to if still you are not added in our WhatsApp groups.
  • What is an Healy affiliate link and where can I find mine?
    Your affiliate link is a link of Healy store, clicking by which if someone purchases Healy, he joins your sales team and you become his sponsor and you will be enttitled to receive its Device Direct Bonus. You can find your affiliate link as follows: Login at Goto My Tools -> My Links Here are your affiliate link for various different markets.
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