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The Power of Healy Gold Cycle

Updated: Jun 7

The Scientific Basis of the Healy- A Wealth of Experience

Science and Practice: In Science, it is not only the joys of innovation and satisfaction of possessing something unique that count. Science is also about evidence-based facts. Scientifically proven development and a convincing number of publications. Frequency applications have been developed over decades of research by practitioners and scientists. The safety of this method has been proven by many studies and decades of experience, which have been confirmed by thousands of applications by our own practitioners. Two Scientists, in particular, laid the foundation of our work in this field many years ago.

Prof. Robert O. Becker was an expert researcher in the field of electrotherapy, author of the “bible” of modern electromedical technology, “The Body Electric,” Written in 1985. His main field of research was the regeneration of organs and organ systems through the use of the body’s own bioelectromagnetic phenomena.

Prof. Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. (1919-2006) was a professor in diagnostic radiology at Karolinska Institute and head of thorax radiology at Stockholm’s Karolinska Clinic. He was a member and temporary spokesperson for the Nobel Committee.

In his book “Biologically Closed Electric Circuits” Professor Nordenstrom described a bioelectric circuit in the body, similar to blood or lymph circulation.


Healthy Cells- Healthy Bodies

A cell is the smallest building block in every organ of your body. You have about 70 trillion of them in your body, that is 70 million million! The number of cells in your body is 4,000 times larger than the world population! The cells are of course specialized according to their purpose, but the basic “blueprint” of the cell is always the same (in plants, by the way, very similar to animals and humans).

The DNA as a Blueprint

Every cell in your body has the same blueprint that is stored in the DNA. Each of your cells contains this entire blueprint for all other body cells, with each cell having a data memory of approximately 2 gigabytes. Of these, only about 3 percent is used to store genetic information; the purpose of the remaining storage space in the cell is largely unexplained.

The Cell Nucleus

The structure and internal functioning of every one of your cells is largely the same. The cell nucleus as the boss, the mitochondria as power plants, the ATP as energy storage, the endoplasmic reticulum as the intestine, the Golgi apparatus as an enzyme producer, and the cell membrane as the outer shell that holds everything together. Each of your cells has its own metabolism: water, nutrients, and oxygen have to enter, and metabolic products need to be taken out.

The Cell Metabolism

It is well known to everyone how water and nutrients are transported in and how metabolic products are transported out. For the cells, this transport is handled through openings in their surface, the so-called cell membrane. These “valves” in the cell membrane open and close as needed. This mechanism is based on voltage potential, i.e., the difference in voltage between the cell interior and the intercellular space. The right or wrong amount of such potential is responsible for cell metabolism.

The Frequency Applications

As we just mentioned, the transport of matter into and out of the cell functions by a kind of magnetically controlled valve mechanism. The voltage potential, i.e., the difference between the voltage inside the cell and the voltage between the cells, is responsible for healthy (physiological) cell metabolism. In principle, this mechanism explains why frequencies can be applied for many different purposes.


The Inventors and Researchers

Marcus Schmieke, Co-Founder and Inventor, Timewaver and Healy

Marcus Schmieke, born in 1966, is the inventor and developer of the Healy™. For many years Marcus had been thinking about how to let everyone benefit from the possibilities of the frequency technology in a compact and simple way. What he had in mind was a device that everyone could use every day, something compact, simple and practical. A little companion that watches over our wellbeing.


The Gold Cycle

Healy Pink Dot App: The most important and most used program "Golden Cycle"

NunoNina's Gold Cycle, NunoNina's research and discovery of frequencies over the years. His Gold Frequency Database of 144,000 frequencies, these frequencies occupy a unique position in Healy, promoting the biological forces and cells within the body to live in harmony and balance with each other. From "NunoNina's Golden Cycle" 7 programmed frequencies

  • First is the "pure" program.

  • Second is the "care" program.

  • Third is the "balance" program.

  • Fourth is the "Being" program.

  • Fifth is the "Energy" program.

  • Sixth is the "relaxation" program.

  • Seventh is the "Release" program.

Healy recommends -not more than 3 programs per day

Pure (Purification/Detoxification)

It means that this program is the first program that every Healy person must use to begin supporting recovery from negative environmental influences, toxins, and the effects of an unhealthy diet. It supports the recovery of the organic energy field from the bioenergetic effects of environmental pollutants, toxins, unhealthy nutrition, and other adverse factors.

Where does the toxin come from?

  • Eat (food contamination)

  • Drink (water pollution)

  • Breathe (air pollution)

  • Sickness (injections, medication)

  • Emotions (stress, tension, anger, depression)

  • Bad habits (smoking, drinking, staying up late, big fish, big meat, junk food)

The true meaning of "pure"

Because "pure" is the basis of all programs. It is beneficial to the body's spleen, lungs, and kidneys. Because the lungs and kidneys are a pump to cleanse the body. So, this is the first step. This is a very important step because if you want to regulate your body, you have to make your body clean. Your inner environment is very important. So every time I tell people that your inner environment is very important, most people don't understand it, but it's really important. So if someone doesn't understand this concept of the inner and the environment, there is no way for them to establish a good conditioning pattern. The basic theory of "pure" is to get your body ready for anything. Only when your body is ready can your body start to create from within, and only then can it accelerate to make changes, so "pure" is a very important foundation and basic.

Care (Matters related to disease)

We believe that a weakened bioenergy field is the cause of many acute and chronic diseases. In addition, you can improve your energy field through adequate exercise, healthy food and pure water. “Care" is like trying to go through your immune system day by day to restore your body. From my point of view, the current mainstream scientific approach to restoring the immune system in this way is not right. Care is a concept that is the second level of purity. It can be done after the pure, and then it can make the results of this action on the body better. We need to improve our immune system, including some other circulatory systems, that care works for us, like a shield for our body.

Balance (all organs)

Body Balance, the delicate balance of all bodily functions is very important to our health. "Balance" refers to the bio-energetic balance of the kidneys, blood circulation, lymphatic system and hormones.

This is how the body's own energy fields and deep bio-energy balance are optimally balanced. "If you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your own body, your body will increase in frequency. You need to get that healthy state back, and "balance" is used when the body feels good. Then use it. Don't use it when you feel uncomfortable in certain areas of your body. Choose to use another program.

Being (Emotional Balance)

In a similar way, the "balance" program is designed to provide beneficial effects to our body, while the “Being" program is designed to nourish our soul. The “Being" program is designed to nourish our soul. It is designed to help us restore our emotional balance. The concept of “Being" is such that it acts more on your emotions, like the kind of psychological trauma. Then it mainly acts on the liver, why is the liver, it is this aspect of the emotions is particularly significant is when your emotions are bad, bad mood, your liver will have an impact, so the existence of it, is to help the liver, and then when your liver feels comfortable, your whole mood state will also be adjusted with the ah, is what we say is healthy.

Energy (The performance)- It means activating more energy within

Those who must deliver a full range of performance need regular support. Whether you are a trained athlete, a stress manager or a person who has to deal with a wide range of events every day ~ “Mother” Energy, for example, is designed to help us work on bioenergetic barriers to health.

The word "energy" is relatively well understood, literally. But it is not the same as what we generally understand as filling the body with energy. The general understanding of this energy is that when our body feels very tired. Need to inject some energy, such as caffeine ah, such as some excitement class of such substances. But then! This side of the understanding of the "energy". It is based on a balanced basis. Because when, for example, I work a day down, my energy is spent on this, my body feels very tired, but then, if this time I then give myself an injection of energy, it is not the same as saying that my body feels more pressure? What my body needs at this time is to release the pressure and to rest.

Relax (Stress/Pressure)

This program is designed to give a relaxing anti-stress effect. Stress is often the cause of acidosis and imbalance in the body. We believe that permanent stress is the cause of many diseases. Today's professional and personal situations often do not allow us to relax and release the stress of everyday life, but we believe it is very important for recovery. "Relax", we are generally from two aspects. One is the relaxation of your muscles, and the other is the relaxation of your brain, when you feel that your muscles are very tense. Then we put this relaxation on your muscles, and at the same time on your brain. They work together, but it's two different directions.


Pain can have a variety of causes. Therefore, pain may be a symptom of acidosis in the tissues. In addition to the "Pain and Psychological / Local Stimulation" program set included in the Healy,

You can use the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle "Release" program as an alternative or supplement. With this program, you will systematically work on the bioenergetic areas of the body, regardless of where the pain occurs. Well, this is mainly in relation to the lymphatic system The loop. That is, he will focus more on the pain. It's as if your body is a receiver. He's blocked in some places, but then your body still needs to keep circulating. So at this time, we need to use the release, so that you can reopen those blocked areas. We have a program that can change the cells. If some potential cells are at sub 40, you will feel pain, but if some cells are at sub 70 or sub 80, you will not feel pain.


"Pure" is the champion of the gold cycle

Some people remember being told that these seven modules of the golden cycle represent the seven chakras.

Nuno : First of all, I was born in number seven. So seven is very important to me. In fact, most of the time, Most of the time we talk about the same things, but we use different words. For example, we discuss Christ. But in the East, there is the God of the East and in the West, there is the God of the West. It sounds like we are discussing different things. It sounds like we are talking about different things, but the problem is mainly that we have invented different words. When we talk about physical healing, a lot of people say, "Ah, does this work?, "Ah, this is not working on the chakras, it's good if it's the chakras.

But in fact, from the vibration of these frequencies, it is acting on some acupuncture points of your body, and when these acupuncture points are repaired, and then you will feel very comfortable and then your chakras will shine more and more. The problem here is mainly. We use different words, different concepts, but in fact we are talking about the same thing.

Relationship between Gold Cycle and Lunar Cycle

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